Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Night Visitor


It's been some time since I have posted regularly but am determined to pick up the pace once more. In the meantime here's something that happened me last week. I might write up the night's events in full as a short story (there's a lot more material there). 

Rory @theroryjohn

Just had an unexpected night visitor.
I left my bedroom window open to get air but was woken by voices arguing outside. It turned out to be just one voice - or rather one person. A woman arguing loudly with herself as she tried to get her drugs together and smoke something.
She sat on the windowsill. I got out of bed and stood in the shadows scared that she'd look through the window and...scare me.
Over the next two hours she got mad with herself over her fear of insects ('I know they are horrendous! You said so several times now, well it's still true'), the lack of porch light after I turned it off ('who would have the audacity to suggest a little light? Who would DARE DREAM?'), a chattering over mental health problems and how tired she is, all punctuated by an angry insistence that she concentrate and get moving. There was one voice that was hard and strict, the other was scared of it and childlike.
What was unnerving was when I hear another real voice approach, a man. She called out - 'leave me alone you can't touch me, there's someone listening inside that open window and they'll hear you!' The man moved off. Then it happened again a while later. She was staying because of the supposed protection of me listening in the shadows.
Eventually I went out to talk to her. She was meek and apologetic and looked so very...normal. Like a perfectly nice woman, the quiet one in the office who has a favourite pen. She said the drugs were 'just a little treat.. well that's not true'. She was very sorry for any bother. I said I could turn the light on if she wants but that I have to shut the window soon as I have work tomorrow and for her not to take offence. Her name was Mia, I told her mine. She insisted she would be safe and would find somewhere. I went back to the bedroom and shut the window, then a soft voice said 'ok I'm going, good night rory!' I called 'night Mia!' and she shuffled off.
I keep thinking about those dodgy men and how scared that nice Mia was of her own voices.

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