Friday, February 24, 2017

My Life: The Brand New Series!

This week my life began what was once dubbed 'a new chapter' but which I see as 'a new series' with all the hyped hyperbole that entails - "New faces, new challenges, new adventures... nothing. will. ever. be. the same. again!"

This time two weeks ago I lived in a bedsit which I had originally planned to be a three week stop-gap shelter but ended up being home for two and a half years; a testament to my intense aversion to organising, packing, and lifting.  

I lived a type of existence which was obviously signed-posted for and end of series twist. One where the protagonist almost gives up on this weary world only to win the lottery (having bought tickets thrice weekly to hurry this final twist along). The twist never happened. Instead I just moved. 

I went from what was a bleak comedy (without the comedy) in the style of Rising Damp, mis-matched souls bound together in a bedsit divided house, to what is closer to the show I always hoped adult life would be like - This Life

I'm now living in a house-share of young(ish) professionals though with less wine-swilling and ill-advised shagging and instead much more tea, early pyjamas, and scoffing at the telly. 

Am I alone in sometimes considering life as though it's a TV show? It may be because it is literally my day job as a TV producer, it may be because my generation were weened on simple story constructions with happy endings and dramatic cliffhangers, or more likely it's because I'm a raving narcissist who sees the world around him as a mere backdrop to his boring adventures. 

This thought first occurred to me at a friend's wedding a few years ago (there have been approximately 34 such occasions in the last five years, all brilliant). We were all friends from our teenage years but were soon to separate across the globe, our diverging paths and differing life choices clearly marked. As I took in the group drunkenly embracing and howling out Westlife's 'We Got A Little World of Our Own' (this has become oddly standard at Irish weddings), I remarked to a friend, 'God, this is just like an end of season finale!'. 

And it was. Old feuds were resolved, old romances put to bed (or brought to bed), everyone united in nostalgia whilst acknowledging deep change was ahead. Freeze frame on group happiness. Fade to black. Insert frustratingly small text on black background giving poignant updates on what happened next. 

And so my next season begins. Much may change but some show standards are expected - villains from past make unwanted reappearances (boo! hiss!), fresh romantic interests will prove unrequited ('jeez when will he learn? It's actually boring now'), and old fan favourites from seasons past will make welcome special reappearances to spike interest. 

Ideally the series' go-to storyline of 'hangover-never again-again-hangover-never-again' will finally die off due to critical mauling. Could I also request some episodes might slip into a post-watershed slot? Maybe that would push the limits of believability. We don't want to jump the shark. 

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