Sunday, January 1, 2017


Midnight approaches and I'm already scrambling to keep a resolution. This year I'm vaguely determined to write a measly 220 words or so on the blog every day. Which sparkling subjects will I tackle? Well, whatever shite I can pull together at 23.55 each night. Bear with me.

I'm a bit strapped for time, what with actual work and Tinder-swiping eating into the waking hours, and so I reckon this resurrected version of ShowbizGeek will have to be something I really enjoy. When the previous incarnation got hacked (damn you Russia! probably) I decided to take the universe and Putin's hint and seized the opportunity to step back re-think things.

I am just not arsed bashing out celeb stories anymore. It is  aggressively dull and pointless. Even the sites that do it very well are virtually obsolete as people just read the headlines on Twitter. As I'm saddled for life with the ShowbizGeek name (ie not bothered to change it) I'd still like to give my own reaction to a story, share an appreciation, review a film or TV show, or just throw bits of trivia I find interesting out there.

I'd like the blog to be more personal too so I can perhaps let off the occasional mini rant, a bit of commute-born cod philosophy, or as Stephen Fry once said simply 'take a thought for a walk'. I'll try not to be too self-indulgent. Use the codeword 'prick' if I do turn that way.

Also I saw this on the road in Soho today.

I don't need to take this resolution on board myself. I always text first... then appear too keen... text again to alert them to the fact there's a first text they seem to have missed... and die alone.

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